Our Values

Integrity and Self-Development

Your Institute membership is a badge of commitment to knowledge, integrity and efficiency – in business and in personal development. Merchanting is a real career, and your Institute is committed to encouraging and supporting Members at every stage of their business life.

The Institute plays a key role in assessing and accrediting the industry’s various courses of study.  So whether you’re following an accredited ‘open’ programme (like an Intermediate or Advanced Apprenticeship or the BMF Diploma), or undertaking your employer’s internal staff development programme, you can be sure your achievements are being equally recognised. 

Advice and tips from your fellow professionals

As a member of the Institute of Builders Merchants, you are part of the industry’s most experienced management intelligence network.  If you’ve got a business problem – be it a difficult client or an under-performing colleague – then someone, somewhere, has encountered it before.  To ensure confidentiality, the contact details of individuals who participate in these discussions are known only to our administrator.  Post your question here. Or join in an existing discussion here.

Institute management masterclass

Your membership of the Institute of Builders Merchants shows your commitment to improving the industry’s knowledge, integrity and efficiency.  In a dynamic industry like merchanting, that means being able to constantly refresh and test your business assumptions.  Not just against your industry peers, but against the best-in-class management thinkers of our day.