Development (CPD)

Your merchanting career is a combination of the things you learn every day ‘on the job’ and the things you pick up on internal training days, breakfast mornings, trade exhibitions and formal training courses.  Your Institute understands the value of experience, and seeks to recognise both formal and informal learning in its Membership grades and its support for Members.

In particular, Institute membership is a catalyst for sharing good ideas and best practice — both from within the merchant industry, and from outside.  Take a look at our external links.  

Self Development

Your Institute exists to encourage the highest standards of professionalism and self-development within the merchant industry.  The Institute of Builders Merchants is a professional network bringing together committed individuals at every stage of their merchanting career in an attitude of mutual respect.  This page features clips from some of those individuals, explaining why the merchant industry means so much to them and detailing their hopes and aspirations for their relationships with other professionals in the industry.

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